It is always best to limit or avoid costly litigation. Brian possesses good analytical and logic skills and with his training and experience in ADR he always attempts to negotiate a favorable settlement for his clients before proceeding to trial.

The actual time spent in court and before tribunals is the result of many hours of preparation. To that end, certain aspects of a case do not warrant the cost of a senior counsel. In order to keep costs to a minimum, Brian uses junior lawyers to assist him and he outsources legal research as necessary. This has consistently proven to be a significant cost benefit to the client.

After evaluating the merits of a case, Brian will discuss the alternatives with the client and advise as to the possible outcomes and the most cost efficient and beneficial manner of proceeding.

Brian always gives 100% effort to each case, and personally oversees all cases regardless of their size and scope.

The fees of trial lawyers in Toronto can be significant and legal costs can strain the resources of any client; however, Brian provides the highest quality work at a very fair and competitive rate given his experience and competence.