Practicing law in Toronto since 1975, Brian Campbell acts for builders, developers and sub-contractors throughout the Province of Ontario as litigation counsel. In particular, he represents builders both large and small who have legal problems and difficulties with the Tarion Warranty Corporation (formerly, ONHWP).

Brian represents builders in court proceedings or before the Licence Appeal Tribunal on issues concerning registration, breach of warranty, security requirements, guarantees, and liability coverage all of which involve how to deal effectively with Tarion. Brian also represents builders faced with prosecutions or breach of contract claims as well as proceedings before the Builders Arbitration Forum.

In 35 years of litigation, Brian Campbell has developed a capacity to identify the problem and solve it with the minimum of time and cost in a way that maintains the builder's business and reputation in a competitive market.

Homebuilders and renovators in Ontario require the benefit of specific legal knowledge and understanding which provides practical but effective solutions to their unique legal problems. Builders need to believe they can have an effective voice against Tarion and other adversaries, and obtain a fair and cost-effective resolution of their disputes.

Brian brings years of experience to the task, and has dealt with every conceivable issue faced by a builder in dealing with purchasers, owners, sub-contractors, Municipalities or Tarion.

Sound judgment and good advice solve half of the problems, while hard work and innovative solutions solve the balance.

Knowing how builders think and work, and the nature of their financial resources and time commitments, is the key to solving their problems.

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