Brian is a senior litigation counsel practicing in the area of civil litigation, Brian M. Campbellwith an emphasis on administrative law. He appears before Boards, Tribunals and Discipline Committees throughout Ontario, and has practiced extensively in Provincial Court, Superior Court, Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal where he enjoys an excellent record of success.

Over many years of practice, he has earned the respect of the judges through concise and clear presentation of legal disputes.

Brian is a skilled negotiator, problem solver and strategic advisor. There are always surprises during the course of litigation, but Brian is always prepared for any eventuality and you can count on him to aggressively pursue his client's best interests.

Brian has comprehensive knowledge of corporate-commercial litigation and particular experience in the fields of professional negligence, contractual disputes and construction law.

Contact Brian to find out how his 35 years of litigation and court experience can help you.

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